Best Places To Pick Up Girls In Montreal


    This is a complete guide on the best places to pick up girls in Montreal. This article is strictly from my own experiences when I went to visit Montreal. So, I highly recommend you don’t visit Montreal on my own experience but on your own curiosity. Everyone that has visited the city has said Montreal is one of the best places to pickup girls. If you like some proof, read some of my Montreal sex reports here, here and here. Everything in this article is completely honest and truthful. If you have any questions, I’m willing to answer them to the best of my abilities int he comment section. Obviously, I don’t live in Montreal so if I’m missing a couple of gems please add them it in the comment section below because I’m always trying to find the best places around the world.Plus, you’d be doing the community a big favour by sharing your own knowledge.

    Montreal Eaton Centre

    I honestly, to this day, like Montreal Eaton Centre way more than the Toronto Eaton Centre in my own city. It’s just hands down better when it comes to security control and the quality of girls. The Toronto Eaton Centre is easily my favourite mall to game in but the Montreal location is just simply better overall. It’s not as open and has a lot more rooms when you’re walking around. I found that the security isn’t as watchful and uptight like the ones in Toronto. For example, I did an approach in the mall and one of the security guards asked me, in a nice genuine way, how it went after. He was generally interested to know but he thought the girl was attractive. You wouldn’t get the same treatment in Toronto. You’d probably be kicked out. The first girl I had sex with from the daytime in Montreal was from the Eaton Centre too.

    McGill & University of Quebec

    These two are tided to me because they’re both equally great places to pickup girls. The only downside to these two places is the fact that most of the girls are going to class. It’s hard trying to create an instant date when the girls are always in a rush heading to class. One thing I really like about these campuses is that they always have a really high volume of women running aound.  especially girls that are really pretty. If you’re in Montreal during school season then you have to go to these campuses.

    Rue Saint-Urbain & Rue Sainte-Catherine

    The reason why this strip is so good is because there’s always some sort of event going on which is great if you’re doing daygame. Every time I’ve been to Montreal there has always been an event going on in this area. FYI: I just random go to Montreal just on a whim. Seriously, every single time I’ve been to Montréal there’s always been some sort of event going on. Plus, if you’re walking along Saints Catherine street it’s always swarmed with attractive girls.

    Old Montreal

    It was only during my second trip to Montreal I found this gem. The reason why this place is so good stems from the fact this is where the festivals are but it’s near the lake. The scenery is simply amazing while adds on the great vibe of the area. Furthermore, the area is freaking gorgeous as hell to walk around in. Everything is so old school and beautiful. Girls are just walking around and people honestly are just relaxed.




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    Screening 4 Her Logistics: How To Pick Up Girls At A Club And Get Laid That Night


    In this small article, I talk about how to pick up girls at a club by screening for her logistics. When it comes to logistics, you have to have a strong focus on it because it can make or break you getting laid that night. Usually you want to get logistics out of the way ASAP. This is usually done during the first 2 re-approaches. This is simply a rule of mine because I don’t want to waste my time on girls who are simply not available. The reason I don’t want to leave it up to a number is because once the girl is out of your presence, it’s completely out of your control. You have no power or influence. So, when you’re dealing with a girl who’s logistically sound, you can be comfortable with the fact that she’s available to hookup with you that night.

    This doesn’t mean you can’t just talk to a girl just to talk, by all means, I encourage you to warm up by being social. This just means you want to put more of your effort and focus on girls who are open to meeting you on a more intimidate level. Most guys totally forget about finding out the logistics of the girl and game without direction. They go with the flow way too much and end up leaving the venue without a girl. Going with the flow is fine but you want to know that the time and energy you’re spending with a girl has a endgame. 

    Screening Logistic Questions:

    1. What are her plans after the club?
      1. Does she have work the next day?
        1. If so, how early?
        2. Where is her work?
    2. Where does she live?
      1. Does she live close?
        1. Does she have roommates?
        2. Is her roommate there with her?
      2. If she’s travelling, how long is she staying in the country?
    3. Does she have a boyfriend and who is she there with?
      1. Is the boyfriend there?
        1. Is she willing to cheat on him?
        2. What is there relationship like?
      2. How many people is she there with? Party?
        1. What is the size of the group?
          1. Who’s staying over at her place?
        2. What is the dynamic of the group?
          1. Is there a guy in the group who’s trying to hook up with her?
    4. Is she in a party mood?
      1. Is she trying to have a soft tonight?
      2. Is she the sober driver?