Mars Blacc Interviews Arash Dibazar and Vince Kelvin

    This is a video interview I had with Arash Dibazar and Vince Kelvin a while back that I thought I’d share with you guys. The interview is purely on these two gentlemen because I honestly feel they offer great insight on dating, business, and social circles. Check it out!


    Screening 4 Her Logistics: How To Pick Up Girls At A Club And Get Laid That Night


    In this small article, I talk about how to pick up girls at a club by screening for her logistics. When it comes to logistics, you have to have a strong focus on it because it can make or break you getting laid that night. Usually you want to get logistics out of the way ASAP. This is usually done during the first 2 re-approaches. This is simply a rule of mine because I don’t want to waste my time on girls who are simply not available. The reason I don’t want to leave it up to a number is because once the girl is out of your presence, it’s completely out of your control. You have no power or influence. So, when you’re dealing with a girl who’s logistically sound, you can be comfortable with the fact that she’s available to hookup with you that night.

    This doesn’t mean you can’t just talk to a girl just to talk, by all means, I encourage you to warm up by being social. This just means you want to put more of your effort and focus on girls who are open to meeting you on a more intimidate level. Most guys totally forget about finding out the logistics of the girl and game without direction. They go with the flow way too much and end up leaving the venue without a girl. Going with the flow is fine but you want to know that the time and energy you’re spending with a girl has a endgame. 

    Screening Logistic Questions:

    1. What are her plans after the club?
      1. Does she have work the next day?
        1. If so, how early?
        2. Where is her work?
    2. Where does she live?
      1. Does she live close?
        1. Does she have roommates?
        2. Is her roommate there with her?
      2. If she’s travelling, how long is she staying in the country?
    3. Does she have a boyfriend and who is she there with?
      1. Is the boyfriend there?
        1. Is she willing to cheat on him?
        2. What is there relationship like?
      2. How many people is she there with? Party?
        1. What is the size of the group?
          1. Who’s staying over at her place?
        2. What is the dynamic of the group?
          1. Is there a guy in the group who’s trying to hook up with her?
    4. Is she in a party mood?
      1. Is she trying to have a soft tonight?
      2. Is she the sober driver?

    The Complete Idiot’s Guide: How To Get a Girl In Bed On The First Date

    The Complete Idiot’s Guide: How To Get a Girl In Bed On The First Date

    In this video, I teach you how to hook up with a girl you just met either from cold approach or from an online platform. I lay out very simple principles in the video above that’s proven to be stupidly easy to follow as well as effective.

    Check out the flawless date video here: