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    The Flare of Violent Competition Within You

    This is all in your head. You have to keep the focus on yourself and you have to stay on track with yourself. Your biggest opponent and competition is you, yourself. You’ll continuously play mind games with yourself and you’ll psych yourself out. You’ll only lose if you choose to get psyched out by your own accord because it’s the easiest thing to beat but so many lose to it. They’re a slave to their fucked up habits. They’re slaves to the things that destroy them. It’s an abusive relationship they refuse to leave. You have to choose to stay on track and continue innovating, becoming bigger and better. Your mind only serves your mind and ultimately, everything suffers because of it. You mind is a child with a bag of guns. It’s completely up to you to teach it, control it, and master it.

    Your mind is waiting to be dominated by you. It’s like a woman that’s looking for a dominating man but continuously only faced with a shadow of its masculinity. Like every woman, if you give her your power and manhood, she’ll punish you for it. Your mind will continuously punish you for being weak by constantly playing mind games, fucking with your emotions and leading you down dark paths simply because you refuse to take control. If your mind isn’t controlled, you’ll only be faced with darkness. You will live in a place of hell, fire, and brimstone.

    The real man inside of you is buried and you have to use your bare fucking hands to dig him out. If you don’t, soon enough, you’ll be buried alongside him. You will forever be tormented by your mind, you’ll never completely live free and you’ll never find true happiness. In competition: the winner is the one that decided to increase the intensity. The one who wasn’t afraid to bring it to the next level to edge out the competition. In reality, the real competition is with the self and you must beat it into submission till it follows you. If you continue to be swindled by your bad habits and desires, you’ll be eaten alive.

    Only until you “beat” your mind, will you beat your external competition.