Article/Podcast #1: Beginner’s Guide On How To Pick Up Girls pt.1

    1. It’s A Number’s Game

    When you’re a newbie, you should see your successes as a numbers game. The reason behind this is because you aren’t going to be good starting out. You’re going to really suck (for the most part). You may even creep a few girls out as well but don’t worry about it, we all went through that phase. Most girls aren’t going to be into you sexually because you’re going to be completely un-calibrated plus your social skills aren’t going to be as sharp yet.

    Your first few successes will be mostly “YES” girls. These are girls that are already into you either because of your looks, status, or arousal levels (buying temperature). Most of the time, these girls aren’t going to be the most attractive but that’s okay, you gotta start somewhere. You may even get lucky and get a gorgeous girl you’re really into. When you become better in your social game, it becomes less of a numbers game and you will start successfully attracting “MAYBE” and “NO” girls. 

    Even if you’re a newbie starting out, I recommend that you still approach the gorgeous girls on a consistent basis. Get comfortable with approaching every type of girls especially the 5 star girls that you’re really interested in. Once you go down this journey, truly commit to the process. So, even if you can’t convert the hottest girls at the moment still try. If you stay persistent, something will eventually click and the success will follow.

    2. Don’t Judge Yourself

    Don’t judge yourself so harshly but criticize yourself honestly. A lot of my students judge themselves way too harshly when they get rejected by a girl. Sometimes to the extreme degree of self-loathing. Beating yourself up doesn’t do anything for most new guys starting out. This is why I recommend being critical about your game and not your identity. A stronger you will come out but in due time. You’ll start to build a stronger character with the strong actions you take. So, for a new guy, focus on taking the right action when you’re out there approaching girls. If you get too caught up in your identity it will fuck you up.

    If you want to successful focus on these three questions when you’re reflecting on your game.

    1. What I did I do correctly? 
    2. What I could I improve on next time?
    3. What applicable things could I do next time to make the outcome in my favour? 

    This brings me into why I highly recommend writing field reports after going out and approaching girls. If you’re an active social guy I recommend picking up a small note book to bring with you when you’re going out there to approach girls. Make sure it’s small enough to put in a pants pockets or coat pocket. Write down all of the lessons you learnt while approaching girls. Write down everything. Every single thing. Spend at least an hour after you’ve been approaching girls to reflect on the night. Make sure to answer the above questions too. If you find that bringing a notebook is too much of a hassle, download a smartphone app called Evernote to write down your field reports. If you truly are serious about your progress in regards to cold approaching, writing field reports are the fastest way to get you to the next level.

    3. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

    When you’re comparing yourself to other guys you become less affective. You stop being proactive and become reactive. Everything you do is in reaction to what the other person’s doing. You stop focusing on yourself and you start focusing too much on other people. You should be focusing only on your own progress even if it’s less than the other guy’s. Ultimately, when the focus is on yourself, you focus on your own sticking points and your strengths.

    You’re in the dating game for your own reasons. Forget about the validation from others because it’s worthless. The only people you’ll be impressing are other guys. That road holds you back. You’re not in the game of impressing guys, you’re in the game of getting females. Validation does nothing but inflate your ego and creates this false image of yourself that becomes too much work to manage. It’s energy consuming.

    Focus on the reason why you’re in the dating game. Sit down write down why you’re learning social dynamics. Once you write down why you’re trying to improve your dating life, only focus on things that are going to get you to that point aka your goals. If validation seeking isn’t on the list, discard it. Only do things that encourage the progression of your self improvement. Focus on the real objectives.

    4. Internalize That This Is Now A Part of Your Life 

    Stop looking at cold approach pick-up as something you do on the side. Start internalizing the idea that approaching women on a daily basis is something that’s apart of your lifestyle. Start viewing yourself as a socially savvy guy that’s social with girls, not a pickup artist. The main problem with newbies is their identity based pickup persona. You aren’t what you do. You pick-up girls but you aren’t a pickup artist. You are just a man who approaches girls. Pickup isn’t what we are, it’s what we do.

    Internalize the idea that socializing with girls is just a normal part of your life. Socializing with girls should just be a thing that just naturally occurs when you see an attractive girl you want to talk to. If there’s an attractive girl that you see at the bus stop, approach her. You shouldn’t have to wait to go to a nightclub to talk to gorgeous girls and get numbers. Stop viewing cold approach pickup as a “job” per say but as a way of life.

    5. Approach As Many Girls As Possible – 10,000 of Mastery

    If you’re a new guy reading this, I want you to focus on mastering approaching girls on demand. I want you to focus on mastering the will power to approach any girl without hesitation. Most guys skip this step because they want to get to a certain level so bad that they fail to build a strong foundation when they try to acquire good game. Most of these guys get trapped into the problem of becoming too picky when they approach girls. They over think everything and fail to take action. Ultimately, they lose out on a lot of opportunities because skipped out on the fundamentals.

    But to get back to the recommendation, I recommend focusing on approaching a large volume of girls with the focus of staying in the interaction for a long as possible. When you focus on staying in the interaction for a long as possible you start learning how to create quality interactions with women. Plus, once you learn how to keep an interaction going, the results follow. You’ll learn how to get more instant dates, and etc. Quality always comes first.

    To get to a level of mastery, you need to get to 10,000 hours of deep practise. When you’re getting to 10,000 hours of deep practise, you’ll start to see all the principles you’re learning now will help you build leverage into expanding your skills later. When you’re going out there and approaching girls mentally engaging yourself in the interaction. Get immerse in the interaction. After you’re done from a night (or day) of going out make sure to spend an hour writing field reports.

    6. Shut and Listen – Always Have A Student Mentality

    Never get to a point where you think you know everything. The book I was referring to in the podcast was Zen Mind, Beginner Mind by by Shunryu Suzuki. I really liked this book because it’s extremely relevant to cold approach pick-up. The main take away in the book was always have an open mind when it comes to ideas and knowledge. Be willing to try new things. The only way you’re going to become better and progress your social skills is to try new things. There will be moments where you’re going to have to implement new ideas to get to the next stage of your development. So, while you’re a newbie now, get use to the art of having a student mind. Don’t let your ego get into the way of your learning. Be like water… always changing.

    7. Your Main Focus Should Just Be Approaching Girls

    This has to probably be the most important rule for new guys. Focus on the will power to approach girls at any time. It doesn’t matter if it’s during the night or day, the mall or subway, build the will power to approach at any time. I know I mentioned this before but this is a very important point for new guys. Approaching is the first and major step for a successful dating life. Once you have this area down, everything else will come after. If you can’t approach the girl in the first place everything else means nothing. You have to jump into the pool before you can swim, you can’t swim without jumping into the pool.


    Toronto Daygame Guide: Where to Meet Women in Toronto + My Top Tips On How to Meet New Girls Successfully In Toronto Revealed!

    In this small guide, I’m going to give you some of the best tips on where to meet women in Toronto. I will teach you the in’s and out’s of how to meet a girl without getting kicked out of the areas recommended in this guide. I will also reveal where most of the single girls in Toronto hangout during the daytime and ultimately, how to maximize your dating success while you’re in the city.  Anyways, let’s get to it and find out what are the best places to meet girls in Toronto…

    Eglington & Yonge

    This is a great spot during the summertime and spring season. I only recommend this area to guys who like older business savvy women. This area has little to no college girls roaming around. So, the likeliness you’re going to see a lot of young girls is slim. You’re mostly going to find women that are coming from or going to the workplace. A lot of them are young professional women. There’s also a mall that’s located near the intersection which isn’t the biggest mall ever but it’s biggest enough to take a stroll through once in a while. I wouldn’t spend an entire day there.

    The best spot to cold approach women is on the Yonge line because of the massive traffic generated on Young street. The only downside of this area is that most people are heading to work. There’s not a lot of young college girls but if you’re a guy like myself that like older women, this is perfect for you. Note: When I use the term older women I’m just referring to women at the age of 23-30+ years old that aren’t teenagers.

    The best time to be in this area is around 12-5pm. After 5pm, all the girls are heading home from their day job. So, if you’re approaching a woman that’s into you, there’s no excuse not to grab a drink with her. There’s literally hundreds of bars in the area to choose from. An instant date is pretty simple to execute after you’ve built some rapport from the initial approach. From there, if the mood is right and you’re following the principles of being an attractive and fascinating man, there’s nothing stopping you from having sex with her that night.

    SScarborough Town Centre

    This is a pretty decent sized mall I use to meet girls during the summertime. The mall’s spacious but very limited at the same time. I’d say that it’s the third biggest mall in Toronto. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend cold approaching girls there the whole day because of how limiting the space is. I’d say that you could day game there for approximately 3-4 hours max before it gets dull and wasteful. I’ve never brought a date there or got an insta-date from the mall because I didn’t find any bars or restaurants near. I think there’s a Moxie’s bar there but I’m not too sure. I’d have to double check.

    The type of girls that go to this mall are very young most of the time. You aren’t going to find a lot of diversity either. Personally, I don’t have much of a type when it comes to race but the main demographic colour-wise you’re going to find at Scarborough Town centre is black, brown or Asian. Most of the time, the girls there are in their late teens and still go to school. So, if you’re into college girls, this place is a goldmine for you. Furthermore, you’re going to find a lot of “urban” youth in this mall. If that doesn’t bother you then continue on in this section.

    Another thing that makes this mall amazing to meet girls is the fact there’s no pickup artists. None. It’s a complete deadzone for pickup artists. Out of all the times I’ve cold approached girls at this mall, I’ve only seen one pickup artist there approaching girls. After that one day, I never seen another pua there again. So, if you’re looking for a place where there’s no competition, STC is your place. I don’t see an Eaton Centre drama event happening at this place any time soon.

    If you’re going to head to Scarborough town centre I’d say your best bet is to arrive either around 1-3pm or 5-7pm. These are the best times to be at this mall. 1-3 usually has the girls either going to school or more mature women shopping. 5-7 usually has all the types with a good demographic roaming around. What you’re going to find during these times, is the large majority of college students.

    York University

    York University is swarmed with gorgeous girls during the fall season. When its winter the campus is pretty decent but you’re going have to stay inside the Curtis Lecture Hall and Vari Hall building if you’re looking to see the highest volume of girls. I’d say that this place is great place to meet women if you’re studying there or simply just in the area. I wouldn’t recommend it over the other places mentioned in this guide.

    I wouldn’t recommend that you day game on the campus daily because of its size. The campus may look big but it’s not. After a few weeks of approaching girls on a daily basis you’ll start to realize the small nature of the campus. You’ll literally be seeing the same girls again and again. This is why I recommend that you game there once a week max. Warning: The campus is infamous for rape and sexual assault charges so be very careful about your approach. Try to be empathetic towards the girl you’re talking to and if she feels uncomfortable, just make an exit or step back. Don’t try to push the interaction any further.

    I would also like to add that if you’re a physical person, play it smart. If the girl is receptive towards your physical advances, then by all means continue being physical. But, by the slight site of her feeling uncomfortable, take a step back. I’m not saying you have to run away if the girl isn’t receptive at first. I’m just saying that you should be attune to the flow of the interaction and her emotional reaction towards your advances.

    There’s a fox and the Fiddle right off campus around the Keele and Finch area. It’s a comfy little bar. If you’re looking for something a little closer there’s a new bar in York Lanes area called Gabby’s (sp?) and another bar called The Underground that’s located in the food court.  If you’re not a drinker or aren’t of the age, there’s a couple of coffee shops like Second Cup and Tim Hurtons on campus too.

    The best time to be at York University to cold approach girls is around 12-3pm. I’d even go and say that as soon as 3pm hits, the campus starts dying out. There’s not much of campus life at York University. Usually girls are rushing home by this time because there’s nothing much to do on the campus. So, I highly recommend you get there at 12pm and start approaching girls. If you’re there later after 3pm, most traffic is going to be in the library area.

    Yorkdale Mall

    Yorkdale is goldmine for meeting very successful women and young girls. I would say that the demographic that you’re going to be meeting there are women in the range of 23-35 years old. If these are the ranges that you’re looking for then Yorkdale is your best bet. I personally love the mall because it’s huge. It has a large foundation so you could easily game there the whole day if you like. The only problem is that there isn’t a large volume of attractive women. For me, Yorkdale has always been a hit or miss on certain days. I wouldn’t recommend that you skip out on it entirely though.

    One thing that I love about the mall is the security there isn’t outrageous and strict like the other malls. They’re very lenient towards guys approaching girls which is how it should be. Seriously, it blows my mind that meeting girls in a mall is not allowed but whatever. The areas in the mall I personally have had most success in was either the subway station area or the giant walk away hall way heading to the Cineplex area. These are my personal go-to places.

    If you’re looking for great spots to bring girls to there’s two places in the mall I recommend. First, I’d recommend Pickle Barrel because of the seating arrangements they have. Perfect date spot. Plus, the drinks aren’t wildly expensive. Second, I’d recommend Moxie’s Grill because it has a nice little bar to sit at. Plus, the vibe of the place is very mellow and chill. No loud music or anything. Just simple and chill. Oh, and the waitresses are pretty nice as well.

    The best time to be at Yorkdale is 3-7pm.

    Eaton Centre

    If you’re in Toronto and really want to know where to meet women in Toronto, Eaton Centre is your place. Hands down. I don’t care what anyone says Eaton Centre is the best place to meet women. The mall is in the heart of the downtown area where everything is happening. There’s always an event going on there.

    A lot of people are afraid to step inside of Eaton because of the recent increased strictness with security. Personally, I never had any problems in the place because I trained myself on how to meet a girl in a mall setting without freaking her out. Personally, Eaton centre is the most diverse place to meet women. I’ve met every type of women from hardcore Strippers to sweet foreign girls. The damn place has everything a guy can ever dream of. Plus, during the summer time the place is a pickup haven. The outside is busy as hell and girls are looking amazing.

    Caution: Being that this mall is the best place to daygame at it’s also the most dangerous in regards to getting kicked out and having competition in. Eaton centre is the most popular place for PUAs to game at which is sucky because a lot of them are weird and creepy. What you’ll notice too is the amount of times a girl will tell you that some other guy creeped her out and if you’re apart of the same association as him. Thankfully, if you’re reading this, you’ll understand how to properly go about meeting girls.

    So, you’re properly asking, “Mars! how do you pick up a girl at the mall then?” Simple. You approach her genuinely and don’t go high risk. Too many guys are trying to game her and scaring her away. From what I’ve seen, a lot of the guys are over gaming and trying to push their agenda on the girl thus getting them blown out or they’re giving weak ass openers and expecting real results. When you approach, you do real openers and have a normal conversation. If you like more information on how to be successful daygaming at the Eaton Centre click here.

    Furthermore, guys get kicked out of the mall because they’re going to physical too quick. There’s touching the girls and ignoring their reactions. Be very focused on her reactions when you touch her. You don’t need to be Casanova to understand this. The real work is done when you’re on the date, 1 on 1. Don’t try to get physical right there because let’s face it, you aren’t going to have sex right then and there. Leave that towards the date portion of the interaction.

    There’s two main places to daygame in the mall. The first place is the fountain area in front of Forever 21. This is a wide open area where a lot of people tend to chill out. A lot of girls tend to be there because there’s mainly girl stores there. Second place is the area in front of Roots. Mainly girls are leaving the mall at this area so you have to act fast if you’re approaching them.

    The best time to be at the Eaton centre is around 12-8pm. This mall is always great to approach girls. As soon as 8pm hits, things start really slowing down drastically. In my opinion, the mall is the best when it’s around 12-3pm personally. That’s where you find the most diversity and volume. After 3pm, that’s when the high schoolers arrive. After 5pm, that’s where the mature gorgeous girls arrive (my favourite). Usually, these are the girls that just got off work and ready to have an adventure.


    Toronto Eaton Center: My Personal Guide to Getting Instant Dates At The Mall

    It’s crazy that so many guys in Toronto think that it’s nearly impossible to getting a date doing day game in Toronto let alone in the Eaton Centre. I would have to say that getting a date when you’re day gaming in Toronto Eaton Centre is fairly easy.

    I’ve been actively gaming for approximately 3 years now and have had my fair share of successes daygaming in the Eaton centre.

    If logistics are an excuse, you’ll be shocked to hear that I and a few of students have gotten dates from the mall consistently while living a couple of hours away from the downtown area.

    Personally, I have a student who gets laid/gets dates VERY consistently from the malls and he lives the further east of Toronto. He’s even pulls girls back to his place without problem.

     But anyways, I wanted to share some secrets and ideas to help you out with your dating success at the mall.

    Create LONG + RANDOM conversations with girls

    I don’t care if you’re talking about coffee or kinky sex. The main component to getting a date from the Eaton centre is the length of the conversation and the amount of topics you talk about.

    The more topics you cover with the girl, the better.

    I’d say that talking about various topics is more important than the actual length itself in my experience. Never just stay on one topic. Keep changing the topics of conversations to the point where it seems like you’ve talked about everything. Just like the concept of changing venues, the same rules apply here.

    When you’re having a conversation also be very expressive. If you hate something, show that you hate something. If you love something, show that you love something. Don’t hold the emotional expression. Just don’t get too extreme with it. It’s just going to be weird then and you’re going to scare away the girl  or worse, get kicked out of the Eaton centre forever.

    …and we don’t want that, do we?

    Forumla: Length + Number of topics + Emotional expression = Comfort + Interest + Attraction.

    After you get her number, continue the conversation

    This is where all guys screw up. When I get the number, I always continue the conversation and act like nothing happened. For majority of guys approaching, the number close is the end of the interaction. For me, it’s just the beginning. You want to have the girl’s number just in case something comes up like her friends come or if she has to run. Whenever I’m in an interaction my main goal is to do (point 1) and keep here there listening to my millionaire mouth-piece and hearing me pour gold nuggets out of my mouth. The longer the girl stays and listens to you speak, the more likely you’re able to get her on a date which gets us to number (3) which is…

    Screen, screen, screen…

    ALWAYS, and I mean always, ask the girl what she’s up to at the moment. It’s crazy how many guys just want a goddamn number. Numbers mean nothing. You should be shooting to make something happen that day because it’s the safest bet that the girl’s going to see you… because you’re right there! Anyways, if she says any of the following, proceed to number (4)…

    “waiting for my friends…”

    “Shopping for clothes…”

    “Just wandering…”

    “Nothing much…”

    Or any variation of the above, you’re in a good standing and in the green light for a possible instant date.

    Always suggest going for drinks

    Well, if she’s been listening to you for 10-15 minutes she’s pretty down to hear you talk about sweet nothings over drinks. When you’re suggesting drinks let her know that you know a great bar that’s in the mall. 1. She’s not going to fret about walking to this location and 2. She will not be skeptical because it’s in a public place aka the mall. So the risk is VERY minimal on her end.

    Please, you want to to tell her that first round of drinks are on you and that you like her company or something about her. At this time, you’re giving her offering that she can’t refuse. This is what it’s all about. It’s all about the pro-to-con ratio.

    Pros for the girl:

    1. The guy’s interesting
    2. I like him (he’s normal)
    3. The bar’s not too far.
    4. Drinks are on him.
    5. If anything goes wrong I can easily go back to the mall and feel safe because we’re in a mall.
    6. He’s pretty sexy too.

    The girl’s pretty much bought in at this time. So, you both win in this interaction. You get to hang out with a gorgeous girl and she gets to hang out with a sex-worthy guy. This whole thing is about creating a full-proof way to eliminate barriers on both sides. From here it comes down to having proper game and vibing with the girl. If the date doesn’t turn out good then it’s completely okay. There’s going to be times where you guys just don’t jell together and that’s just apart of the dating game.

    Side Notes: There’s two bars that are great for instant dates in the Eaton Centre. There’s a bar that’s at The Richtree Market Place which is pretty cool but my personal favourite is the Duke of Richmond. It’s located at the left side of the Eaton Centre. This place is awesome. It has a nice dark relaxed tone to it so it’s awesome for a date. Plus, hardly anyone goes there after 6pm.


    Demonstration of Higher Value: The Innocent Question That Changed My Life Completely

    A couple of nights ago I was out with a close friend at this spot on King St West in Toronto. I’m usually at this spot because it’s swarmed with gorgeous women, a good friend is a host there and the environment is amazing (the music is spot on). It has everything basically. Anyways, me and my friend get into the club and I start following my typical 8 steps (I will make a post on it next week). After following the steps properly, I approached this really, really gorgeous blonde German girl and hit it off with her. The whole interaction was spot on until then she asked me…

    “So, where are your friends?!” 

    At this point, I really didn’t want to say because I came with a friend who was having a completely terrible night and it showed in his behaviour. Completely overwhelmed. Under dressed and completely un-groomed. I wondered to myself if he ever thought about the way he portrayed himself to the girls and if that had any affect on his results. A lot of the times, he’d approach a girl and be instantly rejected. There’s a couple of reasons why I know for a fact why this happens. A major reason why this happens is because he carries himself so poorly. Ultimately, the question got me thinking about other stuff in my life. Like…

    Why am I not friends with higher value socially-savvy guys? 

    Why do I only go out with aloof or clueless pick-up artists? (not all of them but some) 

    Why am I not rolling to clubs with gorgeous girls? 

    [sociallocker id=”4024″]It’s crazy to see the commonalities amongst guys in the community regarding social circles. One thing that has always stood out to me was the lack of friends they had. I have yet to meet one pick-up artist that has had a big circle of really, really gorgeous girls and really cool male sex-worthy friends. I’ve winged with the best in Toronto and even they don’t have this area down. You’d think after 4+ years in the game you’d have a lot of friends that are connected but nope, that’s not the case. Recently, this has been a major focus of mines which is getting a wider social circle.

    I’m not saying that you’re not considered cool if you’re not friends with these types of people but why not become friends with them? What’s the downside of having friends who are connected to a scene you’re so fond of? If anything, you can still be cool without being friends with socialites but seriously, why not have them as friends anyway? Why has nobody  in the community try to decode this? Fuck, why haven’t I tried to decode this sooner?

    Every time I’m out I always seeing these sex-worthy guys having the most fun and they’re always with the hottest girls in the club. The hot, gorgeous girls are always gravitating towards them. In all honesty, I know that I’m enough to get these types of girls but it’s more than getting a particular girl. It’s more of having the available options to choose from a wide selection of these types of girls than just a select few. Why have something work against you when you can have it work for you?  

    The night the gorgeous German girl asked me the question I was a bit stuck. I had to lie about being there with one guy. Seriously, do you know how weird it feels to lie about something like that? Very weird. I don’t want to have to lie about my lifestyle. I don’t want to have to lie about anything actually. This is why it inspires me to post stuff like this reflecting on myself. There’s no reason why you can’t be friends with other high value people.

    Today is a new day. I want to change this pick-artist stigma and move away from it. I’m going to make it my duty to re-invent the wheel. I no longer feel like a pick-up artist, I feel like a social guy who’s into the social sciences. I want my life to be an experiment for everyone following this blog. I’m doing this because I’m tired of seeing guys unsatisfied with their lives. I’m tired of seeing “pick-up artists” roaming in the club searching for girls. I’m tired of seeing this routine being passed down to others. I want to re-invent the wheel of what it means to being successful with women.

    Personally, I’m not really hung up about how many friends I have on Facebook but more so the quality of friendships. I feel at this point in my life, regarding success with women, I need to step into a different area to truly sky-rocket my success. One thing that will always held true is the fact that you’re the creator of your own destiny. You can either choose to be a scrub or choose to be the rockstar of your universe. If you think you’re an ugly duckling that has no style? Then clean up yourself, eat right and start taking care of your appearance. If you look like shit then you’ll feel like shit. It’s time to stop being a fucking scrub. And if don’t have a lot of cool friends? Then start going out, push yourself to network with other people and give value.

    Note: in no way do I advise ditching your friends because they’re not connected. Most of what I’m saying is a complete criticism about myself. When I speak in generals, I speak about myself. I’m guilty of a lot of shit I just wrote about. I’m far away from perfect. I’m only a guy that wants to improve his quality of life and inspire others to improve as well. This isn’t a rant.  It’s a wake up call.