Personal 1-on-1 Skype Training

Summary & Product Description

  • Your Blocks, Your Excuses, Your Mentality anything that limits your potential, I work with you one-on-one to eliminate it so it doesn’t hinder you in the field.
  • Destroy Any Anxiety, Depression or Bullshit like scarcity that’s keeping you from being happy with your life
  • Jumpstart Your Fashion, Financial Goals And Situation – most pick-up BS says that it doesn’t matter… It doesn’t affect the situation, but it’s in your best interest to have your life together. And most normal people agree it’s better to have looks, money and a good lifestyle if you just want to live a happy life.
  • Step-By-Step What You Need To Do, why, and how it’ll affect your game
  • Complete Open-to-Close examples from myself and my students
  • How to Setup Your Tinder Profile, get a girl to “swipe right” on you, start a conversation, get her number, hang out and get laid. Beginning to end.
  • How to Take Total Control of the conversation without saying a word (hint: it’s not mind control, it’s about projecting your charisma)
  • Homework, Assignments & Missions, not just for a weekend but in your everyday life. This will make it so you can get consistently better results instead of a crash course. Weekend bootcamps are amazing, but you’ll never get the full benefit of the training without follow-up.
  • What Your True Motivations for Pick-up Are, so your self-awareness can drive your interactions and help you develop a natural flow. Naturals are MASTERS of self-awareness and knowing how to “push their own buttons” to make themselves fun and playful.
  • How to Learn Pick-up, and not just the tactics (but I’ll teach you a ton of tactics too). Pick-up is a learning process, like anything, and having guidance is the fastest way to getting good.
  • Tactical Outer Game Techniques like opening, the words you say, how to never run out of things to say, how to project confidence (even if you’re nervous inside), how to deal with objections, how to drastically decrease how many girls flake on you, dealing with the friends on boyfriend, and most importantly…
  • How to Get Girls to Actually LIKE you, get their number, and take them home! It’s so important that you can build sexual chemistry. So, naturally, we cover that by teaching you about the truth about how to sexually arouse a woman… Even if she hates you, or thinks you’re just a friend, you can sexually arouse a woman. Trust me.
  • Record A Copy of The Skype Call for your own personal review to always have a source to go back to.