Shawn L.

Shawn L. Bootcamp Student - 3 Day Bootcamp Alumni

"Before going into the bootcamp, I was the typical nervous, passive, a typical nice guy who could absolutely not approach a single girl. Where I am right now are miles ahead of where I was before, I am actually scoring dates, and is actually getting women in my life. Mars was not only patient in drilling game into me by really having me to push myself but he also went above and beyond by trying to give me as much wisdom as possible and encourages me to ask as many questions as possible. Mars have a talent for breaking down concepts into something easily understandable. The bootcamp also opened my eyes to how negative I have been viewing myself and judging myself all along without noticing. beyond gaming women, Mars is also a great life coach."

Jason T.

Jason T. Bootcamp Student - 3 Day Bootcamp Alumni

“I took a bootcamp with Mars and was completely blown away. He truly is the real life hitch. Mars has being going out for many years, through tenacious effort he has cultivated incredible social skills and a simple formula for attraction, which he uses to help guys such as myself. Coming from a very conservative background, my social skills with women were close to none. I was somewhat nervous, but seeing Mars relaxed and present quickly gave me relief. After giving me the basic tools, Mars put me into situations that pushed me out of my comfort zone. As the night progressed I was having more and more fun, interacting with beautiful girls. It became easier for me to convey my personality and just be myself. Mars was there the entire time, extremely patient, baby stepping everything for me, giving constructive feedback, and debunking any limiting belief I had in my mind. I have never met someone who wanted success for me more than myself, until I met Mars. At the end of the night I was so comfortable being myself that I was able to attract and leave the venue with a gorgeous girl. I recommend anyone reading this to take his bootcamp and you will not be disappointed”

Walter E.

Walter E. Bootcamp Student - 3 Day Bootcamp Alumni

I took a one night live training session with Mars . I was a little skeptical of him at first just based on watching his YouTube videos and seeing his website. I wasn’t sure whether he would be as good a coach as I would get with one of the big PUA companies (LoveSystems, RSD, Charisma Arts, etc.), but after taking it I think he very well might be one of the best coaches out there and his pricing is very competitive. I think the big companies should be scared of guys like Mars who start their own companies because as word spreads, guys like Mars will steal their market share. Mars got me approaching immediately. When I got cold feet, Mars knew how to force me to step up. When I was striking out in the club, Mars knew how to get me to keep swinging. When I was the creepy guy in the club, Mars was a coach who stood by me. When I was low energy, Mars danced with me to get me into state. Mars Blacc, he’s a hard mack, but he’s more than that. He’s the guy who can teach you, to the extent anybody can anyways, how to become a hard mack too. Mars clearly takes his job seriously and wants his students to succeed. And it didn’t take long before I started to see results in only one night. If you are looking for a pickup coach, go for Mars Blacc, you won’t look back.

Andrew T.

Andrew T. Bootcamp Student - Immersion Bootcamp Alumni

"Mars helped me find out and change dimensions in my personality that helped me become the man I am today. If you’re willing to learn, he’s the one that can help. I’ve been getting dating and self-development advice from Mars for years which ultimately helped me have more control over my presence over myself when it came to relationships and interacting with women on a daily basis. He’s also help push my comfort zone on multiple occasions, which gave me leverage over most guys out there. Personally, I’d say Mars’ coaching is great for a wide range of guys because he’s so flexible when it comes to his teaching style. He has broken down many situations to me in such a way that I would’ve never thought about, and helped me figure a lot of my own problems and find solutions to them. Such a great teacher and person."

Vlad V.

Vlad V. Bootcamp Student - 3 Day Bootcamp Alumni

"Mars showed me how to approach girls in night clubs and even streets and start a conversation. During my time with him, I was able to approach a number of girls and most of my interactions with them were actually pleasant. I never really had much experience beforehand approaching girls but Mars pushed me past my limit and made me do things I didn’t think were possible. I attended another bootcamp ran by another company and didn’t have much of a good experience. So, naturally I was a bit skeptical at first, but let me tell you that Mars is the real deal. Furthermore, Mars also helped me a lot with my online dating profile to tailor to a wider range of girls so I could have a higher response rate. His advice was spot on and got me more responses and success. Thank you, Mars!"

Faram F.

Faram F. Bootcamp Student - 3 Day Bootcamp Alumni

"Things I learned at the bootcamp were that I approached too much in a negative way and you (Mars Blacc) helped me realize that. You gave me feedback on the weaknesses and strengths that I had. You pushed me out of my comfort zone that I know will help me later on. A lot of things I thought were impossible you made possible. Now, when the same situations happen I will be able to self-correct. You have an eye for talent, you can spot stuff. I would recommend anybody take a bootcamp with Mars even if you’re not a total beginner. You have a lot of knowledge and you see stuff."

Raj S.

Raj S. Bootcamp Student - Immersion Bootcamp Alumni

"I wasn't just new to the game, but actually just learning to talk to girls and be more social when I met Mars and based on what I've learned and seen in the few times I've been out with him, I'm lucky that I did. There's been a lot of PUAs and guys (who I met him through) that have provided great advise and that I've learned a lot from but he was one of the only ones that I (and even my friends) say is a Natural. You want to be consistent (lesson learned) and what I see with Mars is that even if its been a while since hes been out, you wouldn't know it. The guy doesn't hesitate and he genuinely has a good time being social regardless of his environment, which is really motivating. My biggest issue has always been that I think too much or just don't know what to say, both of which he has mastered and has provided useful advice and exercises to help to improve. Now I know the right way and just need to implement it. "

Milton K.

Milton K. Bootcamp Student - Immersion Bootcamp Alumni

"Definitely seeing signs of improvement. Approaching is getting easier. I am becoming more relaxed, more confident, going in more purposeful and direct, hovering less, hesitating less once I decide to go in. And I am starting to actually touch women not just hovering politely close to them. Combining a stronger approach with a willingness to touch playfully and flirt with them is definitely producing better results across the board. Regardless of whether or not they are "interested" they are definitely more receptive to the interactions. They definitely seem more welcoming of the interaction and more self-indulgent in receiving the positive attention that they so obviously crave. Even the rejections are more positive. Both of the tall slim “model-esque” hotties seemed to thrive on the attention that I lavished, as long as it was about entertaining them and making them feel good about themselves rather than boring them with questions. Then were also two adorable twosomes that I flirted with. With the first group I finally managed to break my touching taboo, but struggled to keep the conversation going and keep my energy and enthusiasm up. It was excellent progress compared to previous attempts. My second two set was a definite improvement over the first. I definitely had more fun, and so did they, I felt comfortable teasing them, flirting with them and moving them around more than I had previously. I was definitely able to keep the good vibe going longer. It was definitely a night of progress, a definite step forward to an awakening of my inner self."