Tinder Made Simple

Summary & Product Description

  • Tinder Made Simple – This is a complete 36-page breakdown of everything you need to know on how to close on tinder and how to pull on tinder dates effortless. There are no fillers. No BS. Just complete instructions and background knowledge of the methods used by Mars Blacc to personally get consistent dates off Tinder weekly. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a relationship or hookups on tinder, I teach you everything you need to know to reach your goals.
  • 20 Minute Online Seminar Video – This is where I explain all the small details not covered in the book. You get all the small details answered with LIVE examples in this video that’s directly delivered to you.
  • 5 plus Conversation Examples– These are 5 complete conversational examples, from open to close, of the principles, routines, and scripts Mars Blacc uses to make things efficient and easy in regards to success on Tinder. You’ll learn the best way to tinder to get maximum results.
  • 5 Tinder-to-Phone Conversation Examples – These are 5 examples of everything I say and do to get the girls out on dates. This part is completely automated from a copy-and-paste standpoint. If you don’t get a date using these examples, I’ll refund you our money. This is the portion where I teach you how to get a Tinder date to meet up with you.
  • Text Message Gambits – A photo collection of personal photo gambits to keep cold leads hot if they’re unable to meet up with you that week. All photos have been field tested.
  • Private Facebook Group Access – If you like to share your results with others or get feedback, you’ll have access to a members-only Facebook group.
  • 1 Year of Email Support – If you need feedback from Mars Blacc regarding your message structures, overall profile presentation, or have a burning question, Mars Blacc will be there to help you out for 3 whole months.
  • Ongoing Updates – Any modifications or updates will be emailed to you so you’re always updated with the newest version of this product.
  • And Much More…
Luke K.

Luke K. Verified Buyer

I used to be in pickup with moderate success for 5 years then I got into a serious relationship for 2 years that ended. It felt like I just got out of prison but I needed to meet women, I had not made a cold approach for 2 years and I was so busy with my career and other things that I had no time to devote to picking up women like I could when I was single. I decided to try online game, and got a copy of Marshans "tinder made simple". After reading through it I used a an opener from the examples with the first girl that matched with me. After each of her responses I replied with the next line from the example, I was blown away with how flawlessly it worked. Made me not have to commit much time and stress and I got her number. From there I was easily able to set up a solid date using the lines from the text examples. Unlike most dates, I was confident the date was 100% not going to flake. The date went great and I was able to have a good night with the young lady. I'm amaZed at how easy this was and would recommend anyone just to give it a try and see for them self. Click here for the source.